The Man Behind the Irish Bus Bomb from The Layover

Molly Eichel of the Philadelphia Daily News tracked down Brendan Bownes, the man who downed the Irish Bus Bomb at the Pen & Pencil during Anthony Bourdain’s Philadelphia episode of The Layover. Why was Bownes at the Pen & Pencil that day? Well of course he was on stop 15 of a bar crawl.

I could only do so much 15 drinks in. [Bourdain] commended me for that part in end when I’m just shaking my head and screaming and saying I’m ready for more beer. But that’s the last thing I remember for the rest of my night. I woke up the next day with a picture of Anthony Bourdain on my phone. I said ‘What a good night.’ It was win for me because I was with originally, like, 30 guys. Technically I feel like I won that days events. I also feel like I never need to do that again because I don’t know how I can top that moment of hanging out with Bourdain.

The Irish Bus Bomb champ from Anthony Bourdain’s Philly ‘Layover’ episode speaks []