Johnny Goodtimes Turns Top 50 Bars Into a Trivia Game

Last week Johnny Goodtimes was so inspired by the Foobooz Top 50 Bars list he turned it into a Wild Card Round at his Quizzo contest. See how well you can do.

Foobooz’s Top 50 Bars Quiz

  1. A bar named indirectly for the largest city in Tennessee.
  2. The front for the largest alcohol ring in Philadelphia in the 1920s, it was led by Boo Boo Hoff. Today, it’s the name of a cocktail bar with a speakeasy feel.
  3. You’ll find this bar between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  4. The Cartwright family cook on Bonanza, he always dreamed of steam cleaning instead of cooking.
  5. From the Italian for “From the Tap”.
  6. This bar, found on 11th street, shares a name with rocky hill in Gettysburg where Union snipers fired at the rebels.
  7. The first ones were held in 1929, but not on Sansom Street.
  8. Josh Duhamel loves this bar.
  9. The first half is another name for “bar”; the second half is a room in the game of Clue.
  10. Now a neighborhood and bar in South Philly, it was the 10th largest city in America as recently as 1830.
  11. Bonus: It’s a group! It’s a bar! “This German group released the album ‘Computer World’ in 1981.
Continue below for the answers.