Just A Few Tickets Left For The 20-Course Dinner at Will

We wrote about Will’s massive 20-course “Multisensory” dinner a couple weeks ago–letting you know about the limited seating, the rapidly approaching date, and cluing you in on just a few of the totally weird and modernist courses being offered.

Well now we have a few more details on the dinner (which is scheduled to happen at 6:30 on December 4) which will bring together the talents of Will’s chef, Chris Kearse, and Rob Sidor, former catering chef at DiBruno Bros. and now the man behind Inspiracle,the Philadelphia-based company that designs multi-course, modernist tasting dinners.

We know, for example, that there are only a few tickets left at $200 a head ($300 for a couple) and that they’re likely going to be gone before the weekend is over. We know that the chefs have decided that each course is going to be paired with music, to add another layer of sensory action to the party (which, we admit, is a little bit weird, but whatever). And finally, we now know two more of the courses. Which makes six in total that we know about.

Exploding Wianno Oyster

salsify, oyster leaf and licorice vapor

Rabbit and Foie Gras Rilette

caramelized white soy and mangosteen

Warm Wassail Cocktail

Sour Apple, Black Caraway Ash, Whipped Egg White

Monkfish Liver Torchon

Pumpkin Mostardo, Cauliflower, Sesame Pasta Cracker


Pine Cone, Smoke, Kohlrabi, Pine Syrup

Hidden Chocolate in Variations

Dude, exploding oysters? Who wouldn’t want to see how a chef pulls that one off…

1911 East Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 271-7683

For more information on the event, contact info@Willbyob.com or info@InspiracleTastings.com