Free Tickets To ThinkFest: Round Two

Philadelphia magazine’s ThinkFest is coming up this weekend, and in order to get you all in an innovative frame of mind, we’ve decided to give away another pair of tickets for Saturday’s big-brain hootenanny at the Rittenhouse Hotel.

Because we’ve got a large and distinguished group of food people taking part in this year’s discussion (Stephen Starr is the Friday night keynote speaker, after all), for round one of the contest, I asked for your best food and/or restaurant brainstorms–the Big Ideas that would re-shape Philly and move it boldly into the future at the forefront of the food world.

This time, though–in honor of the Foobooz Top 50 Bars list released yesterday and the various beer and liquor smarties taking part in ThinkFest–we’re going in the other direction. This time, I want your Big Booze Ideas…

The rules are simple:

  • All great ideas go in the comments section.
  • No, just calling for the liquidation of the PLCB does not count as a great idea.
  • No, just demanding more Irish/British/Jamaican/Champagne bars does not count as a great idea.
  • All great ideas must be submitted by noon on Thursday, November 29.
  • The winner will be announced at the end of the day Thursday and will receive two tickets to Saturday’s events.

Got it? Good. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the Big Ideas submitted for part 1 of the contest. In many cases, simply replacing “Farm” with “Bar” and “Local cuisine” with “Yuengling and moonshine” makes for at least half of a genius idea already.

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