COOK Masters Series: Online Application Now Being Accepted

For those of you who have already submitted your applications for the COOK Masters Series, thank you. You can safely ignore this post (unless, like me, you don’t trust the post office or want to give yourself a digital do-over on your application).

For those of you who’ve been thinking about applying but are too lazy to find an envelope and stamps, today is your lucky day.

Because of the holiday, the lag in the mail and our own need to get this process moving quickly (classes start in about a month and a half), we’ve put together an online version of the application for the COOK Masters Series–which, if you don’t know, is the completely free professional-level cooking school being offered through COOK and taught by the likes of Joe Cicala, Michael Solomonov, Pierre Calmels, Peter Woolsey and other serious, heavyweight Philly chefs. If you’re an up-and-coming cook in the city, this is something you need to get involved with, because where else are you going to get the chance to hang with some of the best and brightest (and biggest employers) in town? If you’re thinking about a career as a chef, this training will be invaluable. And if you’re a talented amateur who wants to hang with the big boys, this is your chance.

Anyway, we now have a fully online version of the application available. All you need to do is fill it out, hit the “submit” button at the bottom and you’ll be in the mix for one of the ten slots available this first term.

Simple enough? Good. Then just click on the link below and get started.

COOK Masters Series online application [Official Site]
COOK Masters Series class schedule and information [Foobooz]