Duvel Rustica Launches at Stateside

New York’s Brewery Ommegang will be celebrating their new collaboration with Belgium brewer Duvel next week. And how better to celebrate than by drinking (and pouring) some beers? The new Ommegang/Duvel collaboration beer–a golden ale appropriately named Duvel Rustica–will debut on November 14 at 6 p.m. The event, hosted by Stateside, is pay-as-you-go and allows guest to sample Duvel Rustica in 750ml bottles and on draft.

Guests will also have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Ommegang brew master Phil Leinhart who will speak on the Duvel Rustica brewing process. Attendees will also enjoy paired selections from the Stateside menu, worked up by chef George Sabatino–who, coincidentally, just happened to be crowned Hop Chef by Brewery Ommegang in July (as well as being named Best Chef in Philly in this year’s Philadelphia magazine Best of Philly issue).

Here’s what Leinhart has to say about his new beer:

“In Belgium, Duvel is brewed with simple ingredients, yet is a marvelously complex beer that’s never been convincingly duplicated.  So, instead of trying to duplicate it, we imagined a charmingly rustic Duvel, brewed in our farmstead brewery in upstate New York. Our idea was to embrace all the distinctive qualities of Duvel, yet bring our own craft-brewing skills to the beer. We honored Duvel’s essence while adding a light touch of Ommegang’s signature yeast-driven fruitiness to the flavors and aromas. To our taste, Duvel Rustica is the ultimate of brewing collaborations.”

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