Tonight: Marion Nestle Scares The Crap Out Of Everyone At The Academy Of Natural Sciences

If you’re like us, you read Fast Food Nation when it came out and vowed never to eat non-organic food produced by a large company again. But then the years intervened and you got lazy and here you are eating fistfuls of lard right out of the tub.

Perhaps a visit to The Academy of Natural Sciences tonight to hear noted consumer activist and author Marion Nestle speak about the politics of national food processing, sales, and marketing is just the thing you need to jolt you back into making horrified pledges to buy nothing from anywhere but a farmers market, ever, ever again. Nestle, who’s a molecular biologist, the chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at NYU and the author of several award-winning books on the subject, speaks at 6:30, after a public reception. She’ll focus on the way food is becoming a political football in this country, with a look toward how to convert the extreme overprocessing of the foods we eat into a healthier, more sustainable food chain.

Don’t show up carrying a Starbucks mug.

Marion Nestle: Food Politics [Academy of Natural Sciences]