Sneak Preview: COOK’s December Schedule

Now that we’ve had our first snow fall, it seems like an appropriate time to release COOK’s December schedule. As usual, the schedule will be released tomorrow, but we’re here to give you a sneak peek at the events so you (or Santa if you’re still into that) can get yourself the best Christmas present yet.

Registration goes live at 2pm tomorrow, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to click.

Start the month off right by enjoying a meal on December 4th, prepared by one of Philly’s main men, Michael Solomnov, of Federal Donuts, Percy Street Barbecue, Zahav, and Citron and Rose. After this epic meal, skip breakfast and lunch the next day in preparation for an Open Stove night on Wednesday the 5th that’s sure to get heated. Also, pretty drink-y.

Since December is all about the holidays, it’s only natural we ring in the month with a little sentimental cheer with a holiday dinner party on December 7th, prepared by chef Terry French, winner of Season 2’s “Extreme Chef.” The holiday spirit continues on December 11th, with what’s sure to be a good catch, as Joey Baldino of Zeppoli creates a traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes for your pleasure.

With such cold weather you’ll need some liquid love to warm you up, and on Thursday the 13th, it’ll come in the form of a Brandy Bonanza with Joel Mazigian and Al Sotack of Lemon Hill. Speaking of liquid love, on Saturday the 15th, Brian Freedman of Food and Wine will be hosting an event featuring sparkling wines and the foods that love them. Well, we love them, and we’re guessing you do too, so we’ll see you there.

On the 20th, its time to get meaty with Pork and Pinot with Carlos Aparicio of Zavino. Pork? Pinot? Looks like Christmas may be coming early this year.

While booze is a great way to warm up, pizza seems like a good alternative too. A pizza making class on the 27th with Arthur Cavaliere of In Riva will have you preparing your own pies. We hear homemade pizza makes the perfect post holiday present. Just saying.

Finally, the 30th ends on a sweet note with Tiny Sweet Treats with Ayanna Simms of Lucky Lady Kitchen. Its the day before your New Years resolutions start, meaning you’re allowed to devour everything you make with no shame whatsoever.

The COOK class schedule will be up for grabs tomorrow afternoon. Prepare yourself, mentally and physically, because while December is supposed to be the happiest/kindest time of the year, it’s not December yet, so all nice–play is off.

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