Dinner Is Served (Finally) at the Geographical Society

The Geographical Society of Philadelphia is really starting to draw a strong connection between its mission (to promote a love of travel) and food. Maybe it’s because they realize hosting a food event is the best way to get written about in this town, or maybe it’s because they’re acknowledging the main reason anyone sensible travels is to eat and drink in a different place.

Either way, they’re organizing the second annual GeoFest, a “speaker, film and food fest” from November 7-10. Clearly, there’s only one element of that we care about, and that element shows up in pre-event GeoFeasts that complement the topic of the featured speaker or film.

To wit, in advance of a Nov. 7 talk given by geneticist/anthropologist Spencer Wells chronicling his studies on human migration patterns, the Chemical Heritage Society is serving an African and Asian dinner. On Nov. 9, the theme of dinner at WHYY headquarters is “Global Tastes” to correspond with a film and visit by a mother/daughter team who traveled the world  capturing 11 humanitarians on video. And GeoFest concludes on the 10th with “Dinner with the Digital Nomad,” Andrew Evans, who voyaged from National Geographic HQ to Antarctica. Trekking equipment and fur overcoats not provided.

Geographical Society of Philadelphia [Official website]