More Federal Donuts Coming Your Way Soon

Apparently, partners Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook just don’t know when to stop.

Which is good, because, as a proponent of the too-much-of-a-good-thing-is-never-enough school, I personally think there should be as many Federal Donuts locations as there are Dunkin’ Donuts locations–meaning one every six blocks or so. And it seems that Cook and Solo feel the same way because, in this morning’s Laban interview with the partners, Solomonov described his vision for the future of Federal Donuts:

“I just want to get big enough,” says the chef, who also co-owns Zahav, “where we can have delivery guys in chicken suits scooting around town on mopeds fueled by recycled fryer oil. How awesome would that be?”

That would be precisely super-awesome, actually. As a matter of fact, I am four-square in favor of anything that involves people in animal costumes rolling around town on scooters, motorcycles, tricycles, whatever. And the fact that these chicken-suited heroes would also be carrying delicious fried chicken and donuts to people in need? Well that’s just better.

According to Laban’s interview, in order for FedNuts to be successful as a growing chain, the partners will have to open two stores a year in various locations. Steve Cook hopes to have 10 shops up and running by 2015–which is a helluva 3-year plan. It also begs the question: Where will the team be opening next?

Unfortunately, that’s one of the questions that doesn’t get answered. But everyone does appear intent on the expansion, so with eight (or more) additional Federal Donuts locations forthcoming, the odds of one opening near you just got a lot sweeter.

As to what’s fueling the near-obsessive love of FedNuts (ours included), here’s Solomonov again:

“We make so many deliberate decisions all the time, but this [venture] was so random,” Solomonov agrees. “That’s what’s so funny. We make a lot of people happy here because it’s fun and completely silly.”

And you know what? I kinda agree. Because sometimes success really is as simple as that.

Anyway, you can check out the whole interview/expose by following the link below.

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