Le Virtu’s “Autunno Alle Brace” Postponed Thanks To Sandy

Of all the awful things caused by yesterdays big blow, perhaps the one that’s bugging the gastronaut contingent the most is the fact that it came on the day of Le Virtu’s “Autunno alle Brace“–the outdoor Italian cookout that promised to be one of the coolest small food events/collaborations of the season.

Had things gone according to plan, yesterday would’ve seen Scott Schroeder, George Sabatino, Angela Ranalli and Joe Cicala all working together to lay out one king-hell lawn party, complete with steamed shellfish in lobster brodo, whole grilled branzino, bone marrow and truffle sausages, butternut squash and sage risotto and grilled olive oil cakes with roasted apples. But as things happened, we got a hurricane instead. C’est la vie, non?

But here’s the good news: According to Grub Street Philly, Le Virtu’s Autunno alle Brace is being rescheduled as we speak. No solid word yet on when the rain date will be, but tickets already sold will be honored and (hopefully) you’ll get a last-minute chance to score a fresh pair if you were too slow the first time around.

Sandy Puts the Kibosh on Le Virtu’s Autunno Alle Brace [Grub Street Philly]