The Lite Choice Grand Opening Means Free Soft Serve

We all have a little bit of a sweet tooth, and when we’re in need of something sweet why not do ourselves a favor and make it something lite? The Lite Choice is opening up this weekend at at 135 South Street. They’ve moved beyond the fro-yo craze and are serving up real creamy, low calorie, organic ice cream. If you’re into soft serve, they have 80 different flavors that are made to order. If something more scoop-able is your style, they’ve got 23 hard ice creams to choose from. And if you like to sip your ice cream, you’re also in luck as Lite Choice has shakes and smoothies incorporating your fave flaves. As part of the grand opening this weekend, they’ll be giving away FREE soft serve pumpkin ice cream. Low fat? Seasonal? ICE CREAM? See you there.

Lite Choice [Official Site]