Limoncello Shop Opening on East Passyunk

It’s a pretty big deal that Pennsylvania distillers can now sell their own liquor. Heck it’s still a big deal that you can legally distill in Pennsylvania.  And that the first licensed female distiller in the country since prohibition is from Pennsylvania, huge deal.

And now comes word that distiller Joan Verratti and her partner Tom Cavaliere are planning on opening a shop selling her Pollyodd spirits on East Passyunk. It’ll be take-out only, but in-shop samples will be doled out prior to purchase. Pollyodd is a line of 18 after-dinner drinks. Think limoncello, and lime, orange, or chocolate flavored liqueurs, and others of the sort. Each frosted bottle is preservative-free, containing only water, sugar, alcohol and natural flavoring, and will run around $26-$28 each.

Limoncello on the Avenue. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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