Le Bec Fin Reviewed in Top-10 Style

Brian Freedman provides his take on Le Bec Fin in top-10 format. And number ten on his list sums up his experience at Nicolas Fanucci’s Le Be Fin.

10. The Owner
Fanucci works the dining room like the professional he is, with a mix of charm, enthusiasm, deep knowledge and unflappable professionalism defining his interactions. He was GM at Le Bec before moving out to California to helm the dining room at the French Laundry; his career at the top echelon of American gastronomy has allowed him to wear the vestments of fine dining with real comfort and ease. Talk to him a bit and you’ll see just how personal this project is for him, how deeply he believes that Philadelphia needs a reinvigorated Le Bec Fin. I agree with him wholeheartedly; eating here is exciting again, and watching it continue to evolve promises to be one of the great stories of Philadelphia dining for years to come.

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Photo by Felicia Perretti