Food Truck Pop-Up Happening at City Hall

City Hall courtyard

To celebrate Food Day, a secret pop-up location has been announced for a group of food trucks. For the very first time, food trucks will be serving lunch from inside the City Hall courtyard. From  12 to 3 p.m., you’ll find Mini Trini, Street Food, The Tamale Cart, and Jimmie’s Cupcakes.

Also, in honor of Food Day, each truck will have at least one healthy dish and a 10% discount off your lunch if you bring canned goods to benefit Philabundance.

This has to be seen as quite the coup for the Philadelphia’s food truck proponents. To serve lunch from the courtyard of City Hall, where food truck laws will hopefully be overhauled, has got to be seen as a positive step for food trucks relationship with the City.

Photo via Kevin Burkett