Monk’s Debuts the Newest Trappist Brewery Tonight

Stift Engleszell is a Cistercian monastery in Austria that was founded in 1293. And now it is the newest Trappist Monastery to commercially produce Trappist Ales. Stift Engleszell was granted membership in the International Trappist Association last month and ten of their kegs have made it to Pennsylvania, Monk’s Cafe to be exact. And at 5:30 p.m. they’ll be tapping the Pennsylvania debut of Stift Engleszell Gregorius Trappistenbier.

The beer is a dark ale made with organic honey and weighs in at 9.7% alcohol by volume.

Stift Engleszell is the eighth member of the International Trappist Association, joining:

  1. Achel
  2. Chimay
  3. Koningshoeven
  4. Orval
  5. Rochefort
  6. Westmalle
  7. Westvletern
  8. Stift Engleszell
Monk’s Cafe [Official Site]