Philadelphia Is Witnessing an Oreo Invasion

I’m sure you’ve all seen (or eaten your way through) the recent explosion of Oreo’s different flavors and varietals. Shapes went from the Double-Stuffed, to the Triple-Double, to the Neopolitan Triple Double. Flavors went from the regular cream filling, to a candy corn filling. Watching Oreo create these new and inventive flavor-shape combinations is disgustingly awesome, and often becomes a tantalizing metaphor for American culture—but we freakin’ love it.

So to honor our hilariously glutinous ways, here’s a roundup of three local hot-spots that are partaking in the Oreo Renaissance of late:

Lil Dan’s Lil Dan Oreo Crusted Chicken Sandwich

Photo by Kirsten Henri | @Kirstenography

Kirsten Henri, reporting for TODAY, tips us off that Lil Dan’s is now offering an oreo crusted chicken sandwich. The cookie part of the Golden Oreos is turned into breading and the cream filling is used to bind. The chicken breast is dredged in the Oreo crumbs, fried, then topped with a hot sauce, which seems to be key to making the whole the thing work.

They’re a food truck, so follow their calendar to get your fill.

Scott’s Oreo French Toast at Wrap Shack

Wrap Shack has just launched brunch on Saturdays and Sundays and featuring heavily on the menu, owner Scott Hockfield’s Oreo French Toast. Fluffy triangle slices stuffed with Oreo-mascarpone, warm strawberries, bananas & drizzled with vanilla cream, yours to indulge for only $10.

Wrap Shack
120 S. 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Oreo Beignets at Aksum

Fried Oreos doesn’t sound Mediterranean by any means, but West Philly’s mediterranean kitchen isn’t letting that stop them from slinging out their Oreo Beignets for us to enjoy. Served with vanilla ice cream and crumbled Oreos, they’re a definite crowd-pleaser for $7.

4630 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143