Sneak Preview: COOK’s November Schedule

It’s that time again: COOK’s November schedule is due to be released tomorrow, and we’re here a day early with a look at what’s coming so you smart Fooboozers can get in there early and snatch up all the best classes.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

November starts off sweet with Norrinda Brown Hayat and Linda Hinton Brown from Brown Betty coming in on November 3 to do a little holiday baking in advance of Thanksgiving. And that theme continues with Ayanna Simms from Lucky Lady Kitchen doing chocolate desserts on Sunday, November 4 and Lee Ann Eribaum from Under the Icing coming in early on Saturday the 10th to do a holiday cookie decorating class for kids.

In between, though, there’s Davis Langhorne from Fleming’s teaching a class called “Steakhouse Secrets” on the 9th and our own Foobooz Open Stove Night on Wednesday the 7th. For our ninth attempt at this, we’ve arranged a USA vs. Canada smackdown with one chef representing the stars and stripes and one representing the empty six pack of Molson Ice (or whatever it is that Canadians have on their flag). And while I can’t tell you yet who we have in mind for this particular demolition derby, I can promise you that it will be epic, lovely, awful and wrong. And also probably very VERY NC-17.

Provided we don’t burn the joint down on the 7th, Mitch Prensky from Supper will be in early on the 11th to do a brunch class, followed that same day by Rosario Romano of Ristorante Panorama doing a night of Italian wine pairings. On the 13th, Peter Woolsey from Bistrot La Minette will be doing a sushi class (okay, not really–he’s doing French food) and on the following night, Sylva Senat will be on hand to teach us all about the contemporary Indian cuisine he does at Tashan. That class should be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, how ’bout George Sabatino from Stateside putting the band back together and bringing in the guys from Ommegang (through whom he was just named Hop Chef of 2012) for a beer pairing dinner? He’ll be handling the cooking. The Ommegang crew will be doing the pouring. And anyone who walks out of that class sober and not stuffed with sausage just wasn’t trying hard enough.

On the 20th, Jon Cichon from Lacroix will be doing a class on cooking game. On the 27th, Chris Painter from Il Pittore will be in the house to do a white truffle dinner. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Also yes.

And finally, on the 29th Moon Krapugthong from Chabba Thai Bistro will be in to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about cooking Thai food–or at least everything that can be taught in a couple hours. Then, the very next night, Art In The Age will be swinging by and pouring cocktails made with their new(ish) liquor, RHUBY, and their completely new one, SAGE. Curious about what in the hell to do with a liquor that tastes like a backyard herb garden? Then this is the class that will answer that question.

The COOK class schedule will be going live tomorrow afternoon, so choose your nights, memorize that credit card number, and be ready to make with the clicky-clicky just as soon as the schedule hits the internets. You might not get a second chance.

COOK November Schedule [Official website]