Free Tickets To Tomorrow Night’s Garces Family Foundation Fundraiser For The Fastest Poets In Philly

I believe we’ve mentioned a couple times now about tomorrow night’s fundraiser/launch party for the new Garces Family Foundation. Matter of fact, I think we’ve mentioned it more than a couple times. But now we’re mentioning it again because we want to send four of you lucky Fooboozers to the big event. For free.

We have in our possession two pairs of General Admission tickets to the party. These suckers are $200 a pop and grant you a 7:30pm access to the main floor of the event where Mike Stollenwork from Fish, Han Chiang from Han Dynasty, Kanella’s Konstantinos Pitsillides, David Gilberg and Carla Goncalves from Koo Zee Doo, Tashan’s Sylva Senat, Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka from Zama and representatives from all 8 of Garces’s local operations will all be cooking their hearts out for your enjoyment. There will be booze, there will be food, there will be entertainment, there will be a fine selection of Philly’s culinary elite on hand, and all you have to do to get your hot little hands on a pair of free tickets is write us a poem…

Oh, but not just any poem. We have done haiku contests here before. We have allowed you people to wax romantic about wonderful meals and blissful nights. But being the professional omnivores that we are, we know all too well that not every meal out is a delight for the senses. We know that sometimes dinner just plain sucks.

Tomorrow night? It’s got every chance of being awesome. That kind of talent, all collected in one place? Should be an excellent evening. So this time, the tickets will go to he (or she) who can come up with the best poetic rendition of a night gone horribly wrong. Your reward will be a night of great food and company, but what we want from you right now is a recollection of the exact opposite.

It doesn’t have to rhyme. It doesn’t have to be a haiku. Free verse is just fine. Write an epic if you want to (though it will still have to be in the comments section below, and the time constraints might stifle any would-be Homers out there), but just make it sing. Best poem wins a pair of GA tickets to tomorrow night’s soiree. Second-best wins the same.

Oh, and one more little complication? You gotta have this one done by 5pm TONIGHT. Because we want the winners to have time to get their suits pressed, we’ll be announcing winners at 5:30 this evening, so you’d better hope those muses come when called.

So is everybody ready?

Then get scribbling.

Garces Family Foundation [Official website]