Live From Federal Donuts

11:01 First chicken orders are being taken.

11:03 First clergy member arrives. Hopefully there will be some kind of blessing of the fryers, but maybe he’s just hungry…

11:10 Now the crowds are coming. Kitchen is 20-deep at the front right now.

11:18 27 orders out the door, 20 more stacked up.

11:20 No rain in the forecast this PM. The line will stay dry.

11:24 chicken order #51 just called.

11:26 There is a slight lull right now. We predict it will not last.

11:33 another burst of traffic has arrived.

11:42 Someone from L&I just came in. But it looks like she just wants some fried chicken.

11:52 Minor technical difficulties–for us, not FedNuts–but we’re back on track now.

11:56 Noon rush coming in. Line is backing up to the door. But the crew is keeping it together. At least for now…

12:05 FedNuts crew is now turning orders in about 20 mins–from the door to hot, fresh fried chicken in your mouth.

12:27 Just got word that chicken supplies are running low. If you ain’t in line right now, wait for tomorrow.

12:34 Door is closed. Game over, man. Game over.