The Industry Caters To More Than the Industy

Trey Popp reviews The Industry, the restaurant business friendly restaurant in Pennsport where the service is friendly and much of the cooking is good.

Of course, good cooking helps. The Industry’s fried green tomatoes are the final word for evangelists of that too-­frequently-fumbled dish: perfectly crispy batter, an even more perfectly tangy tomato slice, topped with peppery arugula nestling sweet bursts of ripe cherry tomatoes. A killer hot sauce spilled from those pig-ear wraps, in which julienned veggies were a pleasingly full partner. I liked the whole-grain salad, too, with its shavings of ricotta salata half-dissolving into the zu­cchini-and-squash-speckled heap of farro, giving the al dente wheatberries a salty sort of creaminess.

Two Stars – Good

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