Weekend: Xfinity Live Is Throwing An Xtoberfest

How can you not lovethose precious scamps over at Philebrity? They’ve got tremendous cojones for calling bullshit on everything Philadelphians hold dear, and last week they insulted everyone who hangs out at Xfinity Live by designating them all assholes. We here at Foobooz are not going to take a position on whether Xfinity Live fans are or are not assholes (because, you know, we’re nice over here), but we do appreciate the sentiment.

That, however, will not stop us from letting you decide for yourself if you fall into the aforementioned category by telling you about the venue’s inaugural XTober-fest taking place from 2-8 pm tomorrow. Billed as an “x-treme” fest, the day will include the usual live bands, games, prizes, the crowing of Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest, yadda yadda, plus beer-food pairing stations (which is respectable), more than 40 Oktoberfest and seasonal brews to be consumed out of a stein, and a lineup of “x-treme beers” that clock in above 9% ABV–because everyone knows all an asshole needs to become less of an asshole is strong drink.

Tickets are still left for general admission and table service, which gets you a dedicated beer wench and an extra hour of drinking at the end of the day.  VIP tickets are already sold out, which we suppose isn’t too surprising considering organizers claim it’s “the biggest Octoberfest celebration in Philly” and “one of Philadelphia’s largest annual beer festivals.” We’d like to hire whoever ran the analytics on that because, as Philebrity points out, “It hasn’t happened yet.”

Xfinity Live Xtoberfest [Official website]