The Menu: Red Owl Tavern

We’ve been keeping our eye on the progress over at the Red Owl Tavern, going into what appears to be the bottom two floors of the Hotel Monaco at 5th and Chestnut. Just this afternoon we’ve learned that a hard date–October 4–has been set for the opening of the hotel itself, Red Owl and Stratus (the rooftop cocktail lounge), and that Guillermo Tellez (of Square 1682) will now be on as exec chef for all three properties.

But what’s even better? We also got to take a look at the opening menu…

It’s a big menu, spanning all the different categories that a hotel menu must (including breakfast), but here are some of the highlights of the Red Owl Tavern’s opening menu:


Roasted Garlic and Bell Pepper Hummus

bagel chips


Pickled Vegetables

toasted bread, eggplant spread


Philly Soft Pretzels

raclette cheese, spicy mustard


Sea Salt and Sour Pennsylvania Farm Potato Chips

spring onion-garlic dip


Smashed Fingerling Potatoes

Melted cheddar, garlic, chives



from our butcher shop


Marrow Bones

parsley, pickled lamb’s tongue, preserved shallot, capers, grilled toast


Housemade Sausage of the Day

white beans, arugula, spicy pickled fennel marmalade


Crispy Sweetbreads Casserole

caramelized squashes, pomegranate reduction, apples


Oysters on the Half Shell

housemade sauces

$2.5 each

Red Owl Tavern Mussels — $18


white wine, mustard, cream, herbs, fingerling potato chips


tomato, cilantro, oven-roasted purple potatoes

Spicy Pork Shoulder

tomatillo, crispy fries

Housemade Chorizo

caramelized onions, sweet peppers, cilantro

Tavern Cuts

Butter Blade Steak

parmesan fries, garlic aioli


Denver Cut Steak

tomato-almond sauce, crispy zuchini


Beef Short Ribs on the Bone

roasted bell peppers, Indian-spiced ketchup


Tri-Tip Loin

creamy spinach, housemade cheese


Flatiron Steak

roasted cippolini onions, local greens, herb sauce


Top Sirloin Filet

blue cheese butter, preserved onion sauce


20oz Red Owl Tavern Prime Cut

onion marmalade, housemade steak sauce, balsamic glaze


A La Carte Entrees

Slow Roasted Herbed Chicken Pot Pie


Pork Confit

papardelle pasta, sweet peas, roasted pearl onions, tomatillo sauce, parmesan


Slow Roasted Chicken

white beans, spinach, housemade smoked bacon, red owl tavern barbecue sauce


Fresh Beet Pasta

house cured pork belly, sweet peas, kennett square mushrooms, parmesan


St. Louis Baby Back Pork Ribs

ginger-peach BBQ sauce


Braised and Roasted Lamb Shank

spicy tomato chutney, yellow lentils


Crispy Black Striped Bass

roasted eggplant, turkey tail mushrooms, shallot and thyme vinaigrette


Daily Fish Selection


Red Owl Tavern [Official website]