The Dude Abides: Lebowski Fest Tonight at the TLA

Not a week goes by that I don’t think about The Big Lebowski and laugh. Not a fan the first time I saw it, the movie’s quirk grew on me during subsequent viewings and now I crack up whenever I think of hefty, blue collar John Goodman scolding Jeff Bridges about bothering him on Shabbos, or the brilliant John Turturro threatening the pair not to “fuck with the Jesus.” Apparently, the film has found more than a few other fans because the hilarious Lebowski Fest concept has been going strong for ten years now (and boasts 48,255 fans on Facebook) and is coming to the Theatre of Living Arts this very eve.

Though the Lebowski Fest that pops up in cities around the world isn’t affiliated with the Coen Brothers, one event in LA benefited from a true Bridges appearance. Tonight’s event is sponsored by Geekadelphia and brings all things Dude to the TLA–i.e. a costume contest, a movie screening, a Twitter trivia contest, and the reason we’re telling you about this on Foobooz, themed drinks. According to our bowling partners over at Thrillist, cocktails will be culled from the cult classic and will include White Russians (of course), sarsaparilla soda, which was ordered by The Stranger at the alley bar, and oat sodas, AKA beer. Unfortunately, Brewery Ommegang no longer brews The Dude’s Oat Soda, but we’re confident that the bar staff at TLA can figure out at least a few worthy replacements that will allow The Dude to keep on abiding.

Theatre of Living Arts [Official website]