Guess Who’s Going To Fall Fest For Free?

Okay, everybody. The poems have been written. The votes have been tallied. A suitably alliterative headline for this post has been chosen. And a winner has been picked in our “Write a Haiku About Drinking” contest for free tickets to tonight’s Rittenhouse Row Fall Gathering.

As a matter of fact, we liked a couple of the poems so much that we’ve decided to give away tickets to two of you. Because that’s just how awesome we are.

Winner number one is We’ve All Been There, who came up with this one. If Shakespeare had been born Japanese, he would’ve written this instead of, say, sonnet 92 which is really just kinda gushy and emo anyway.

Suspend this in time,
Dim light, shy grin, a fine wine
Merry meets sublime

So congrats, We’ve All–1 pair of tickets to tonight’s bash is yours. Be checking your inbox for details.

And winner number 2? That would be Wine Chick, who nailed the required dichotomy inherent in good haiku writing–the juxtaposition of two separate but complementary images. Dig it:

Glasses clinking zinc
Polish off all those bottles
Footsteps weaving home

And with that–just 17 little syllables–the Chick also scored a pair of tickets to tonight’s bash at the Comcast Center.

As for the rest of you, there are still tickets available. And seriously? $30 at the door ($25 in advance) for a two-hour, all-you-can-drink pass? That’s a helluva deal. And I’ll be damned if there’s a Foobooz reader out there who can’t put down thirty bucks worth of cocktails in two hours.

So get out there tonight, huh? Try to be the reason that they raise the price next year. And let’s have a polite, poetry-volume round of applause for our two winners.

Rittenhouse Row Fall Gathering [Official website]