Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Biscuits, Bakeries, Facebook Terrorism and 10,000 Free Beers For Philly

Okay, so between Feastival and all the other wild restaurant news, it’s been a pretty big week. Frankly, we’re beat. And if you’re as into food as we are, we’re guessing you are, too. But just in case you’ve spent all your time this week in a food coma, here are some of the things you might’ve missed.

Scratch Biscuits Pop-Up at Supper Mitch Prensky is like a shark who can’t stop having new ideas or he’ll die
Josh Albert Facing Terrorist Charges For those of you who don’t know, that’s the dude from Staphmeal–which, apparently, turned out to be the LEAST bad of his ideas
Local Chef Wins Hell’s Kitchen Now, until the new season starts, Gordon Ramsay will just have to yell at himself
Le Bec Fin Is Opening A Bakery That is all
Original Lee’s Hoagie House Shuts Down 60 years ain’t a bad run
Canal Street North Project Coming To Fishtown Retail, restaurants AND A DISTILLERY!
Tale of the Tape: The Mildred Everything you need to know, all in one convenient place
About Last Night… Feastival 2012, in pictures
Seafood Unlimited Reopens But only after a major makeover and a new menu
10,000 Free Beers And every one of them is a Yuengling
Cheu Noodle Finds a Home But no one quite knows where…