Feastival Ticket Giveaway: And The Winner Is…

And that right there, ladies and gentleman, is the winning entry in our Foobooz/Feastival photo contest. And the shooter, KrissyLou219 has just won herself (or himself) a pair of tickets to Feastival, happening tomorrow night down at Pier 9. It’s gonna be a hell of a party (or at least it has been in years past), and this shot certainly earned it. Well done.

As a matter of fact, we got so many good entries into the Foobooz Flickr pool that we had to give away not just one additional pair of general admission tickets, but two. Honestly, we just couldn’t pick. Lucky for us we have a deep prize drawer…

So who won the runner(s)-up slots?

There is just something so spare and simple and terribly foreboding about this burger Krispy Kreme burger from PYT. Plus, donuts! It was enough to win shooter BradenY a pair of GA tickets.

And finally, the last set of tickets goes to this snap of the foie gras torrejas at Jamonera, courtesy of Twoeatphilly.

So here’s the deal: You winners? Drop me an email at jsheehan@phillymag.com so I can collect some data from you, and arrange for your tickets. The rest of you? Thanks for playing along, and we hope to see you at Feastival tomorrow night–even if you have to pay to get in.

Foobooz Flickr pool [Flickr]
Feastival 2012 [Official website]