Sneak Preview: October At COOK

It’s that time again, folks. Time for the wise among you to start planning for your October adventures at COOK.

As we do every month, we’re offering you a sneak peek at the schedule so that you can formulate a plan of attack for when tickets go on sale–a way to get everything you want as fast as you can, before the best classes inevitably begin selling out.

So take a look, make a list, and then be ready to make with the clicky-clicky when COOK opens up registration at 2pm on Monday the 10th.

You ready?

The month starts out with a bang with me and Art and the COOK crew putting together yet another Open Stove Night on October 3. But this is no normal Open Stove Night. No, this is something special. We’re calling it Battle Cocktail and it will pit two of the city’s best drink-slingers against each other in mortal combat–trying desperately to invent cocktail pairings for a menu that will not be revealed to them until the moment competition begins. It’s gonna be a wild one (and also, probably an NC-17 one), so be prepared for lots of drinking, lots of laughs and a helluva dinner to go with them.

The very next night Todd Braley and Daniela D’Ambrosio of The Pickled Heron will be coming by to teach you all about French bistro food. They’ll be followed by another highly drinky evening–a collaboration dinner with Steve Myers of Ilegal Mezcal and Lucio Palazzo of La Calaca Feliz. So I’m guessing they’ll be serving sushi and Kool-Aid…

Nick Macri of Southwark will be in on the 9th to teach you all about the basics of charcuterie (he’s great, so this should be a fine night), then on the10th, James Wells from Opa will be in to school you on Greek cuisine.

On the 18th, Art and I will be back again–this time shilling for the Philly mag Whiskey Festival with our own collaboration between us and the crew from Lemon Hill. I can promise that virtually no learning will go on during this “class,” but we will be drinking a lot of Irish brain lubricant and sharing an excellent meal. Between courses, we’ll probably also be giving stuff away and telling dirty jokes, so you should TOTALLY come and hang out.

On the 20th, Kris Sandhom of Supper will be doing a class on sustainable (and delicious) seafood. Rebecca Torpie of Wedge and Fig is in on the 21st to do some baking with cheese (Mmmm… baked cheese). Carlos Aparicio of Zavino is in on the 25th to teach a Pasta 101 section for those of you still intimidated by your spaghetti. And finally, on October 31st, they’ll have “Blood, Bones and Brains: A Festive, Freaky Halloween Feast” featuring Val Stryjewski and Tim Kweeder of a. kitchen.

And that’s the highlights this month. We hope to see you there.

COOK [Official website]

COOK class registration page [Live at 2pm on Monday the 10th]