Labor Day Industry Night at Amis with Scott Schroeder

This Monday, on Labor Day Amis will be hosting Scott Schroeder of American Sardine Bar and South Philadelphia Taproom for their Industry Night. The night will be picnic themed, with special drinks and menu items from both Schroeder and Amis’ Brad Spence.

Scott Schroeder will be creating:

  • Pig’s head Sloppy Joe with potato chips on the sandwich
  • His signature sardine sandwich

Brad Spence will be creating:

  • Roast beef with Barolo wine cheese, caramelized onions, and pickled peppers on focaccia
  • Spaghetti sandwich with marinated and roasted veggies, house made spaghetti, pecorino, and bitter greens all on pizza bianco

A punch bowl of a bourbon and orange sherbet concoction will be available with other cocktail specials and there will be pie for dessert.

Amis [Official Site]
American Sardine Bar [Official Site]