Vago Delivers Food Truck Fare to Penn’s Door

Ever craved a burger from your local food truck while it was raining too hard to go outside? (Or when you were just too lazy to go get one yourself?) Well a few UPenn students have solved the ultimate “first world problem” for their campus with Vago Logistics, a delivery site that brings your favorite street vendor goodies to your front door – for just $1.

Starting today residents of Penn’s campus can log on to, find a truck, place an order and wait for their food. For an extra dollar, your order will be placed on top of the queue, and for an extra two dollars your order comes in ten minutes or less. Vago’s delivery “agents” will keep your order safe in the cold/hot compartments on their electric, battery powered bicycles. It really does cost just $1 – no tipping of the agents is allowed.

The founding students created their new venture with other Penn alumni  and tested out their plan over the summer. While students were largely at home for the season, Vago partnered with HubBub Coffee to deliver drinks to the surrounding campus. After the success of the summer Vago has added many food truck partners to their site as well as a system which allows users to place an order at a non-delivery take-out restaurant and have Vago pick up and deliver it instead. Vago is currently partnered with:

Chez Yasmine
Le Anh

For right now the service is only available to the UPenn community, but Vago is looking to eventually expand to Temple and Drexel campuses.

Vago Logistics [Official Site]