Roti, Crespelle, and Other Crepe-Like Objects

Researching for our Foobooz Six Pack on crepes in Philadelphia got us thinking about other thin pancake-like dishes that we’ve seen around town. From Italian, to Trinidadian, to Ethiopian varieties it is clear that crepes are not just for Francophiles anymore.

Dosa at Philadelphia Chutney Company

At Philadelphia Chutney Co. you will find dosa, a type of crepe made of rice and lentils, with fillings like masala, paneer, chicken, and veggies. Pick your favorite cheese and vegetable combination to stuff inside (like avocado, arugula, and goat cheese) for under $8.

Philadelphia Chutney Company
1628 Sansom Street

Crespelle at Spiga

Chef Brian Wilson brings modern Italian to 13th and Locust at Spiga. Their menu boasts a crespelle, the Italian version of a crepe, done the true Italian way: in a savory dish with shrimp, zucchini, sweet onions, and white wine.

1305 Locust Street

Trinidadian on the Move

The Mini Trini may be on vacation this week, but they will be back up and running once September starts. And when they do be sure to get their roti, an unleavened bread used in South Asian and Southern Caribbean cuisines, filled with chicken or vegetables.

The Mini Trini

Roti in Chinatown

Penang in Chinatown’s menu features roti as well. Their crispy pancake is served with curry chicken and potato with dipping sauce as an appetizer. If you’re not quite up for poultry with your roti, Penang also serves a vegetarian version of this crepe-like dish.

117 N. 10th Street

Injera Under Fiume

Ethiopian cuisine often features the serving of injera, a spongy yeast-risen flatbread. At Abyssinia Ethiopian in West Philly injera can be served on the side all by itself, or along with some of the menu’s many entrees. When you’re finished eating, imbibe upstairs at dive bar Fiume.

Abyssinia Ethiopian
229 S 45th Street

Injera Wraps

Kaffa Crossing serves fair trade coffee and even more Ethiopian to the West Philadelphia area. Their menu boasts vegetarian injera wraps filled with yellow split peas or spiced lentil wot, a thick stew. Though not located under any hip bars, Kaffa does have art exhibitions from time to time.

Kaffa Crossing
4423 Chestnut Street