JG Domestic Meet the Maker Dinner with Luna Farm

Thursday September 13th at 6:30 p.m. JG Domestic will host a “Meet the Maker” Dinner featuring local produce from chef Jose Garces’ own Luna Farm. Garces, JG Domestic chef de cuisine Reinaldo Alfonso, and Luna Farm manager Alex McCracken will collaborate on the $65 family style dinner. Garces and McCracken will be on hand to interact with guests and answer questions.

The actual ingredients will be harvested the very same week of the dinner, but the menu will include dishes like:

Luna Melons with bourbon-maple vinaigrette, cilantro and smoked pecans

Fried Green Tomatoes with roasted shrimp and tarragon-caper aioli

Wood Oven-Roasted ½ Jidori Chicken with opal basil chimichurri

Cherry Wood-Smoked Sockeye Salmon with roasted sweet pepper remoulade

Roasted Summer Squash with eggplant, lavender, savory, pickled shallots and tomato fondue

Cobbler with pineapple tomatillo, ricotta sherbet, smoked pecans, opal basil and saba

For reservations call JG Domestic at (215) 222-2363.

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