Cheu Noodle Juices Come to Good Karma

The ramen has been the star at the Cheu Noodle Bar pop-ups but the fresh-made juices are not to be slept on. And now you won’t have to wait to the next pop-up night to enjoy the juices.

Starting tomorrow the fresh made juices will be featured at the both Good Karma Cafes in Center City (928 Pine Street, 331 S 22nd Street). Each day will feature two healthy, veggie and fruit based juices (no sugar added).

At past pop-ups the juices have included flavors like:

  • Pineapple – vanilla, jalapeno, thai basil
  • Banana – sesame, vietnamese coffee
  • Peach Ginger – lemon verbena, yogurt

Cheu Noodle Bar [Official Site]
Good Karma Cafe [Official Site]