Good Stuff and a Slip-Up at Rittenhouse Tavern

Photo by Felicia Perretti

Oops, a foie gras froth winds up on the plate of Christina Perachio’s pescatarian guest at Rittenhouse Tavern.

The next dish is a doozy: five large day-boat sea scallops, perfectly seared on top with a golden-brown crisp sitting in a heavy-handed amaranth truffle butter sauce with fresh and tender chanterelles and turnips that stand on their own. They are gorgeous, rich and delicious. And their inclusion in our meal comes as a result of my companion’s request for an entrée fit for a pescatarian. Which is why, the next day, when I call to double-check the ingredients, I’m startled to learn that they the scallops were topped with a vanilla foie gras froth.

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