Six Pack: Steaks Without the Steakhouse Price

If you’ve ever craved a steakhouse dinner on a diner budget then you know it can be pretty tough to find a quality, affordable steak. Here are six Philadelphia restaurants with inexpensive steak dinners to satisfy the biggest meat lover.

$10 Rib Eye for Lunch

Every Friday at lunch Chris’ Jazz Café serves a rib eye with pinot noir sauce, fries (or a salad, if you like that sort of thing) and a soda for $10. This is a deal made for taking Friday afternoons off.

Chris’ Jazz Café (Center City)
1421 Sansom Street

Filet Mignon at a Deli

Right on 15th and Locust Schlesinger’s does classic deli eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For $18.95 you can try their boneless rib eye or their 8oz filet mignon before or after a show on the Avenue of the Arts.

Schlesinger’s Restaurant and Deli (Center City)
1521 Locust Street

Steaks at the Italian Market

At Café 943, the Argentine-Italian BYO in the heart of the Italian Market, you’ll find four different steaks for under $18. The choice is yours between skirt steak, marinated grilled steak, breaded beef cutlet, and Piedmontese strip steak.

Café 943 (Italian Market)
943 S. 9th Street

Nick Elmi’s Hanger Steak

Though pricier than other selections on the list the prime creekstone hangar steak at Rittenhouse Tavern is worth the relative splurge just to test drive Nick Elmi’s three-bell fare.

Rittenhouse Tavern (Rittenhouse)
251 S. 18th Street

Skirt on East Passyunk

George Sabatino and Stateside have hit a lucky streak as of late. We wonder why Anthony Bourdain did not try out the Pineland Farms skirt steak with watermelon-beet salad, blue cheese and Stateside’s famous pickles for just $22.

Stateside (East Passyunk)
1536 East Passyunk Avenue

McCrossen’s Steak Frites

If you are uninterested in the  Summer of Riesling at McCrossen’s Tavern’s you may at least want to try the steak frites: hanger steak, chorizo-rosemary potatoes, and chimichurri for $21.

McCrossen’s Tavern (Fairmount)
529 N. 20th Street