Mitch Prensky Out At Lemon Hill

So there was this rumor kicking around this afternoon that Mitch Prensky–chef-owner of Supper and the man behind the menu at Lemon Hill–was gone from the new(ish) Fairmount eatery which he helped open, along with the Franklin Mortgage crew. And after a few phone calls, we came to find that, this time, the rumors were true.


The true part is that Prensky is no longer on the books at Lemon Hill and has handed over command of the kitchen to his guy, Joel Mazigian. The not-so-true part was the inference that this was a bad or unexpected thing. Apparently, this was a move that had been planned from the start and Prensky (who also provides food for Franklin Mortgage and is involved with that team in a project they have working down in Louisville called St. Charles Exchange) had simply come to the end of his contract.

“My consultancy period is done,” he told me when I got him on the phone this afternoon. “The whole plan was to get them up and running and the good news is, we’ve done that. The project didn’t really need me involved any more. Joel is doing great work over there. This was a planned end.”

A call to the manager, Dan Eng, over at Lemon Hill brought basically the same answer. “There’s no bad blood. Nothing like that,” he said. Further, he assured me that nothing about the place was going to be changing drastically now that Prensky was moving on–meaning that the place wasn’t suddenly going to turn into a sushi bar or anything like that.

“All is good,” Prensky insisted. “This was all in the program.”

Lemon Hill [Official website]