For The Beer Nerds: First Ever US-French Collaboration Beer at Dock Street

Apparently, US and French brewers have never before collaborated on a single beer. This seems strange to me–either a comment on the quality of French beer in general, or proof of the difficulty of translating the highly specialized language of zymology (like “tastes great,” “less filling” and “Budweiser Platinum”) between the two languages.

But that all ends now. The crew at Dock Street has been in the process of breaching this cultural divide since June and have now announced that La Biere des Amis–the first ever US-French beer collaboration in America, made with the help of the folks from Brasserie Thiriez in Esquelbec–is just about ready to hit the taps.

The collaboration brew is a “very limited release” saison, made from German pilsner and wheat malts. More importantly, it will be available at Dock Street (and a select few other bars) starting in September. Further, there will be a small number of naturally-carbonated 750ml bottles available for sale at Dock Street starting at noon on September 15th.

So yeah, mark your calendars, hop-heads. This will be your chance to score a taste of drinkable history, so you don’t want to miss out.

Dock Street Brewery [official website]