Working The Graveyard Shift At Federal Donuts

Ever wonder how they make the donuts at Michael Solomonov’s Federal Donuts? Ever wonder why there’s never enough chicken to meet demand? Well, a couple weeks ago, Yoni Nimrod–COOK lackey and occasional Foobooz photographer–spent a night hanging out with Zack Engel , the head donut-and-fried-chicken man at FedNuts, in order to answer those questions.

We open up and, without wasting any time, Zack went straight to work. In case you’ve never been to Federal Donuts, it’s a known fact that they run out of their fried chicken in lightning speed, sometimes within only an hour or two of opening.  Zack says that people come to him all the time and ask him why can’t he just make more of it?  The answer is simple–there is simply no room in the fridge to make more.

Yoni’s post over the the COOK blog is mostly a photo essay–full of batter and mohawks and porn shots of donuts and fried chicken in various stages of construction. Check it out if you have a minute.

The Graveyard Shift at FedNuts [COOK]