Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Freaky Videos, Fish Tacos, Playboy and Free Shake Shack Custard

George Sabatino kicking ass in Cooperstown

George Sabatino Wins Hop Chef And we have the pictures to prove it!
Freakiest. Videos. EVER. Courtesy of Little Baby’s, natch
6 Things You Can Only Get In Philly The best, according to Saveur magazine
Foobooz Six Packs: Fish tacos and crab specials in Philly
Playboy Names Franklin Mortgage as One Of America’s Best Bars For those of you who actually read Playboy for the articles
Free Shake Shack Custard And also some other stuff
Philly Is The Late-Night Capital Of The U.S. Yeah, we rule
Monica Glass Leaves Town Our loss is Boston’s gain