Sneak Preview: September At Cook

The September schedule of COOK classes is almost here, and we have all the juicy details for you to pore over as you wait for the ticketing to go live tomorrow afternoon.

But right up front, we can tell you about some of the big events coming. And big names, too. Like on Wednesday, September 5th, when Foobooz brings yet another Open Stove Night to COOK. Last time we had teams from Sbraga and Smoke Truck battling it out with canned food. The month before that, it was an international smackdown with Henrik “The Swedish Hammer” Ringbom from Brauhaus Schmitz vs. Kenny “Admiral Snackbar” Bush. This time around we’re calling it “Battle Brotherly Love,” so can you guess who we’re going to have in the house? Tickets for these nights go fast, so be ready to make with the clicky-clicky as soon as the September schedule lights up tomorrow.

On the 13th, Mitch Prensky from Supper is dropping by to celebrate the Jewish New Year. On the 15th, Scott Schroeder (SPTR, American Sardine Bar) will be making lots and lots (and lots) of pierogi. On the 23rd, the guys from the as-yet-unrealized Cheu Noodle will be doing another pop-up just to keep their ramen-making skills tight. And on the 27th, guess who’ll be visiting Philly and dropping by for a night at COOK…

COOK September Schedule

The first event of the month, on September 4th, features Katie Cavuto Boyle of Healthy Bites doing a “Harvest Celebration.” Seems a bit early, sure, but we’re down.

The next day brings the 6th Open Stove Night: Battle Brotherly Love. Which is cool, because Boyle probably won’t wreck up the joint too badly before we get in there.

On September 6thLuca Bizzari of La Veranda Ristorante will be sharing his classic Italian style while Joe Polutro of Chef to You is demo-ing his small bites, canapés, and hors d’oeuvres on the 7th.

Brian Freedman, food and wine writer and booze consultant, will be showing everyone his Big Red Wines on Saturday the 8th.

COOK Kids will round out the weekend at 2pm on Sunday with “Rainbow Cooking” featuring Shayna Marmar of Honeypie.

Monday the 10th is all kinds of sexy. Duos can get their COOK on with Betsey Gerstein Sterenfield of Essen who’s teaching a couples-only class.

Mitch Prensky of Supper rolls in on the 13th to help ring in the Jewish New Year while the next night Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette teaches a foundation class in classic French sauces. If you care at all about really learning to cook, Peter’s class is a good place to start. Because I don’t care how good your SPAM-and-pineapple casseroles are, if you don’t know your mother sauces, you don’t know jack.

Scott Schroeder of South Philly Tap Room will be hosting “Papa Don’t Piergoi: An Evening of Polish Fare” on September 15th. I’m guessing there will also be some drinking going on during this class.

Joe Cicala of Le Virtu will teach “Pasta Making 101” on September 18th . And, seriously, if you have to learn the basics from someone, there ain’t a better teacher out there than Joe. This will be a class you can brag about.

Konstantinos Pitsillides of Kanella will host a Greek Cypriot Feast on September 19th.

The Swedish Smorgasbord on the 20th will be hosted by Open Stove IV champion Henrik Ringbom of Brauhaus Schmitz. Trust me–it isn’t going to be all little meatballs and caraway-flavored liquor, either.

David Moore of Moore Brothers Wine Company will host “An Introduction to Pairing Food and Wine” on the 22nd.

On the 23rd, Ben Puchowitz from Matyson will be back with another Cheu Noodle Pop-Up. And COOK knows that this one is going to sell so well that they scheduled two seatings.

The COOKbook Author Series on The Philadelphia Chef’s Table by April White will happen on the 24th.

That big surprise on the 27th? It’s “An Evening with Restaurateur Danny Meyer.” The CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group will be at COOK for one night only, along with his executive chef from Union Square Café, Carmen Quagliata. Stop in and tell him how much you love Shake Shack. Or, better yet, sit quietly and let him tell you about all the OTHER things he does that don’t get nearly the same amount of press.

Ryan Fonash of Vintage Imports will be doing fall cocktails on the 28th.

“Cupcake Decorating for All Ages” with Lee Ann Erlbaum of Under the Icing will start at 3pm on the 29th. Probably not going to be serving shots at this one…

And finally, a class on progressive American cuisine hosted by Mark and Eric Plescha of Charcoal BYOB will finish out the month on the 30th.

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