Ballpark Eats with Kevin Sbraga

As a Best of Philly challenge, Top Chef Kevin Sbraga and Philadelphia Magazine’s John Gonzalez ate their way through Citizen Bank Park’s many eateries. After eating more than two people should ever eat within nine innings, Sbraga and Gonzalez found that when the Phillies aren’t doing so hot, fans can at least chow down on some quality ballpark classics.

The food comes in a rush, a torrent of pork sandwiches and french fries, hot dogs and hoagies, a flood of questionable gastronomy that threatens to drown us. It’s impossible to decide where to begin. Sbraga reaches for the Bull’s pulled-pork sandwich. He’s the expert here, like Carlos Ruiz calling for a first-pitch fastball. Sbraga declares that the pork is “bangin’,” but adds that he wishes “there was something a little different with the roll.” Too dry. I’m too busy getting barbecue sauce all over my face and shirt to notice.

Ballpark Eats with Kevin Sbraga [Philadelphia Magazine]