Spice 28 Opens on Chestnut Street

Over at the Insider, they’re reporting that Spice 28–the odd, two-chef, Szechuan/Asian fusion concept at 13th and Chestnut–is currently up and running. The deal here is, each of the chefs offers up their specialty, either traditional Szechuan or modern Asian fusion, side-by-side on the same menu, leaving it up to the customer to decide which way they want to go and, one assumes, quieting all debate between those who like their noodles the way grandma made them (or ate them) and those who prefer the adventure of wok-fried Japanese gyoza with lemongrass aioli and yuzu mignonette.

Spice 28 soft-opened last week. They’re open for lunch and dinner. Folks are already talking about the curries, the dumplings and the cumin lamb, and since the menu tops out at around $20, it shouldn’t cost you too much to go and check out the double-fusion action for yourself.

Spice 28 is Open at 13th and Chestnut [The Insider]