Marc Vetri the … Blogger?

Marc Vetri can add yet another accomplishment to his resume: blogger for the Huffington Post. Vetri debuted his column (under HuffPost Food, of course)by talking about the importance of school lunch reform.

We want our children to learn, to be social and to be productive. We buy them books and teach them to read and write. Yet, when it comes to feeding them the energy that is necessary to make their minds and bodies function better, we put them in a line, give them a tray and slop unrecognizable food onto it. If we did not put gasoline in a car would it run? If we did not plug in a computer would it work? Then why do we expect our children to grow, be productive and flourish without the right energy going inside of them?

This is just another step in Vetri’s determined campaign to overhaul school lunches. Back in 2009 Vetri, along with help from Jeff Michaud and Jeff Benjamin, started the “Eatiquette” program and their mission was simple: to bring family-style eating –all the social interaction and comfort included – to school lunches. The “Eatiquette” program has been successful in multiple region schools and camps and the Vetri Foundation continues to support it.

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