Kris Gets Into The Cured Meat Game

Kristian Leuzzi‘s Kris (which opened in November in the space that formerly housed his Kristian’s Ristorante) has been operating fairly quietly now for about 8 months in South Philly. But all of a sudden we’ve been getting some murmurs about the place here at Foobooz World HQ, and most of them have to do with the antipasti.

People have said that it’s a great bargain ($4 a plate, a full spread for $20). They’ve said that the restaurant itself is a great little neighborhood spot. But most importantly, in this salumi-obsessed age in which we live, a lot of folks are saying that the meats themselves are just plain amazing.

Kristian, along with his brothers Sonny and Joe, have been making their own cured meats for years, but have just recently started making them a focus of the menu at Kris. And you can check them all out (along with ripe cheeses, honey, Balsamic vinegar, grilled vegetables and crusty bread) at that $20 price-point through the end of August.

Kris [Official website]