Food Trucks Slow Down For Slow Food Event

Food trucks at a Slow Food Philadelphia event? Excuse us for being under the impression that food trucks define the very essence of “food on the go,” but apparently these mobile quick-stops will be the primary purveyors of the spread at tomorrow’s eighth annual Good Food Good Beer and the Rest is History fundraiser co-hosted by Slow Food Philly and Farm to City.  For a $30-$35 admission fee, attendees will receive tickets to sample food at each of five food trucks (Vernalicious, Chez Yasmine, Foo Truck, Zea May’s and Sweet Box Cupcakes), chased with beers from Victory, Stoudts, PBC and Earth Bread + Brewery, all while watching demos on cheese- and pasta-making, and more. The event, which takes place at 6 p.m. under The Shambles at Headhouse Square, is designed to promote the similar missions embodied by the two sponsoring organizations, which in the case of Slow Food International includes counteracting “fast food and fast life.”

So really, why the food trucks?

Kristin Mulvenna, program manager for Farm to City, summed it up in an interview with Metro:  “A lot of (food trucks) are sourcing locally now and using farmers as a resource for their products. The more local food trucks there are participating in this culture, the more it helps local farmers and helps the local economy to thrive.”

Fair enough. Though we kid, it is true that participating trucks were selected for their commitment to sustainable sourcing and that organizations like The Food Trust are working with truck owners across the city to cultivate relationships between them and local farmers.

So don’t slow your roll, Mr. or Ms. Responsible Food Truck Driver. Just make sure not to speed on your way there.

Good Food, Good Beer, And The Rest Is History [Official website]