Could Duke’s Surf Bar Answer Our Tiki Dreams

Next month Adam Kanter is holding a one night tiki pop-up at his Rum Bar. But the concept he’s dubbed Duke’s Surf Bar could be a permanent fixture if he finds the right location and funding.

Kanter’s idea for Duke’s is inspired by a couple bars he’s been to. The first is a Barbados surf bar which has a cool vibe, good music and of course an ocean view, but the drinks are terrible. In London he discovered Casita, a tiny bar with committed owners/bartenders who do the prep work during the day and make the drinks at night.

One possible location for Duke’s would be Rum Bar’s basement with an entrance from Moravian Street. That should make Jason happy as his dream tiki bar would be a “windowless room full of palm trees, liquor and Don Ho music.”

In the meantime be sure to check out the Duke’s Surf Bar pop-up set for Rum Bar on Thursday, August 16th. All of the 20 tiki drinks will be available for $10.

Duke’s Surf Bar [Facebook]