Vetri Raises Tasting Menu Price

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A Chowhound posted that Vetri’s tasting menu will go be going up from $135 to $155 per person in September. As was noted, the increase puts Vetri’s price to just north of Le Bec Fin 2.0’s $150 prix fixe.

We found cwdonald’s analysis to be quite astute.

So Basically what we have here is the best restaurant in Philadelphia saying that they deserve to charge the most… I doubt this will hurt their business, and it allows them to “keep” their position, signaled by price, as the best restaurant in the city, (whether it is deserved is a matter of debate of course) but economists agree that price is often a signal of perceived quality. In the drug industry for example we launch drugs and the price selection relative to products on the market suggests value. If a new product comes out equal or less, it is often perceived as less valuable. Vetri is just saying it is as good as the new kid on the block, LBF v2.

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