The Dog Days of Summer on South Street

The South Street Headhouse District is presenting the Dog Days of Summer from July 18th-23rd in honor of National Hot Dog month and to celebrate the family-owned businesses of South Street that have developed the area.

On Wednesday the 18th the celebration begins at 6pm with the re-lighting of the historic Levis’ Hot Dog sign. The sign had its home at 507 S. 6th Street for many years before it was moved yesterday to its new home at 517 S 4th Street where the relighting will take place. Levis’ manufactured hot dogs on South St. for over 100 years and the S. 6th St. location still has an “Abe Levis” sign at the top. After the lighting ceremony the 76th birthday of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile will be celebrated with giveaways.

Thursday July 19th Supper and Brauhaus Schmitz will be participating in Hot Dog Happy Hour from 5-7pm. Supper will be serving miniatures of its famous Supper Dog while Brauhaus will serve a Rieker’s Frankfurter with spice coleslaw and Bavarian sweet mustard.

Friday July 20th Hot Diggity will be holding a gallery reception for the Hot Dog Art Opening featuring Hawk Krall, the illustrator of Hot Diggity’s menu and much, much more.

On the 21st The Twisted Tail will have a Chill and Grill event with grilled dogs, beer, lemonade, and live entertainment.

On Sunday the 22nd, the Dog Days of Summer Block Party will take place from 12-5pm on the 600 block of South St. Children’s activities like face painting and a magic show will be available and a Hot Dog Art Show will be open at The Phantom Hand. Dress up your pet and enter the Hot Dog Costume Contest or join the Hot Dog Topping Competition at Hot Diggity.

On Monday the 23rd, National Hot Dog Day, a history of the hot dog cart, complete with pictures, will be on display at 12pm at Gus’ Hot Dog Stand on 5th & South.

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