Six-Pack: Poutine in Philadelphia

Ah, poutine, arguably the best Canadian import prior to Ryan Gosling, and even more delicious. This Montrealean dish usually consists of French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. Due to its popularity, poutine has trickled down into the good old USA and some Philadelphia restaurants have caught on. These six places serve it up right.

Traditional Takes at Noir

Being that their chef is from Montreal, Noir should have the upper hand on delivering this staple. They do it with house cut fries, brown gravy, and “squeaky” cheddar cheese… whatever that is.

1909 E Passyunk Avenue

Breakfast Poutine at Square Peg

Seeing as brunch seems to be Square Peg’s strong suit, a breakfast version of poutine may be the right route. Served with fried eggs, bacon, and sausage gravy it sounds like it could be a great hangover cure.

Square Peg
929 Walnut St

Classic Fries, Curds, and Gravy

The closest to the original Montreal dish may be that at The Blind Pig. Straight up fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy mean that this might actually pass for French-Canadian editions.

Blind Pig
702 N. 2nd St

Triumph-ant Poutine

At Triumph Brewing Co.’s Philadelphia location, steak frites poutine with foie gras gravy and cheese curds makes this dish a little more intense than the usual, but keeps it simple enough to taste like home. If you’re Canadian, that is.

Triumph Brewing Company – Philadelphia
117-121 Chestnut Street

Rittenhouse Fries-and-Gravy

Slate serves a very traditional and plain fries, gravy, and cheese curds dish as a side. Perfect for stopping by when shopping around Rittenhouse or if the line at Shake Shack is too long.

102 S. 21st Street

An Italian Spin on Canada

Alla Spina does poutine its own way, of course, adding an Italian note that you could only find among pig’s tails. Their poutine is made with guinea hen leg Bolognese and mozzarella curd instead of the traditional dressings but it sounds just as good.

Alla Spina
600 N Broad St