Nom Nom Lives Up to Its Moniker

Brian Freedman finds Nom Nom Ramen to be a great success. He also tries out the Hiyahsi chilled noodle dish.

Karai miso sizzles with a pleasant, tingling heat. The broth itself, a creamy miso tonkotsu, glows sunset-toned, and the sweet-earthy black garlic sauce atop the pork belly provides an excellent counterpart. Hiyashi chilled ramen, perfect for this ridiculous heat wave we’ve been suffering through, is a cool plateful of noodles, chashu pork, mushrooms, tomago, thin-sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts and pickled ginger, dressed with a sesame-soy vinaigrette. It’s a light, flavorful option—perfect in the summer.

Nom Nom Ramen Is Every Bit As Satisfying As Its Name Suggests [Philadelphia Weekly]
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